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English Name All Purpose Flour
Hindi Name Maida
English Name Beaten Rice
Hindi Name Poha
English Name Bengal Gram
Hindi Name Chana
English Name Black Eyed Beans
Hindi Name Chawli, Lobhia, Rongi
English Name Black Gram
Hindi Name Urad
English Name Black Gram Sabut
Hindi Name Urad Dal, Kaali Dal
English Name Broken Wheat
Hindi Name Dalia
English Name Bun
Hindi Name Paav, Pav, Pao
English Name Channa Dal Flour
Hindi Name Besan, Chane Ka Atta
English Name Chick Peas
Hindi Name Kabuli Chana
English Name Chickpeas (brown)
Hindi Name Chana
English Name Chickpeas (green)
Hindi Name Cholia, Hara Chana
English Name Green Gram
Hindi Name Moong
English Name Lentil
Hindi Name Masoor
English Name Long grain rice
Hindi Name Basmati
English Name Maize Flour
Hindi Name Makai Ka Atta
English Name Pigeonpea, redgram
Hindi Name Arhar
English Name Red Kidney Beans
Hindi Name Rajma
English Name Red Lentil
Hindi Name Masoor Dall
English Name Wheat Flour
Hindi Name Maida Atta, Gehun Ka Atta
English Name Yellow Lentil
Hindi Name Toor dal
English Name Black Matpe (Gram) Skinless split
Hindi Name Urad Dall, Urad Mogar, Urad Doha
Indian Names For Spices, Fruits, Dairy Products and Their Categories:
Common Indian Names English Names Category
Adrak / Sonth Ginger Spices
Ajwain Carom Seeds / Thyme Spices
Amchoor Dried Mango Powder Masala
Anaar Dana (Powder) Pomegranate Seeds (Dried) Masala
Angoor Grapes Fruit
Atta Wheat Flour Flour
Badam Almond Dry Fruit
Besan Gram Flour Flour
Bhutta Corn Cobs Vegetable
Chana Bengal Gram Pulses
Chana Dal Gram Dal Pulses
Chikoo Sapota Fruit
Chhuara Dates (Dried) Dry Fruit
Dahi Curd Dairy Product
Dalchini Cinnamon Spices
Dhania Patta Coriander Leaves Vegetable
Dhania Powder Coriander Powder Masala
Elaichi (Chhoti) Green Cardamom Spices
Elaichi (Moti) Brown Cardamom Spices
Ghee Clarified Butter Dairy Product
Hari Mirch Green Chilly Vegetable
Hing Asafetida Spices
Imli Tamarind General
Jaiphal Nutmeg Seeds
Javitri Mace Spices
Jeera Cumin Seed Seeds
Kaju Cashew Nut Dry Fruit
Kala Jeera / Black Cumin Seeds Caraway Seeds Seeds
Kala Namak Rock Salt Masala
Kali Mirch Black Pepper Spices
Kari Patta Curry Leaves Herb
Kheera Cucumber Vegetable
Khoya, Mawa Dried Whole Milk/Thickened Milk Dairy Product
Kishmish Currants Dry Fruit
Lasan / Lahsun Garlic Spices
Laung Clove Spices
Maida Fine Wheat Flour Cereal
Malai Cream Milk Fat
Mattha (Chhaach) Butter Milk Dairy Product
Methi Fenugreek Seeds Seeds
Mirch Chilly Vegetable
Moong Fali Groundnut Dry Fruits
Nimboo ka Sat Citric Acid Acid
Paneer Cottage Cheese Dairy Product
Patta Gobi Cabbage Vegetable
Paav / Pav / Pao Bun Cereal
Phitkari Alum General
Phool Gobi Cauliflower Vegetable
Poha, Chiwda Flaked, Beaten rice Cereal
Pudina Leaves Mint Leaves Vegetables
Raai / Raee Mustard Seeds (Small) Spices
Saboodana / Sabudana Sago General
Sarson Mustard Seeds (Moti) Spices
Saunf Aniseed Seeds
Shimla Mirch Capsicum Vegetable
Tadka Seasoning Cooking Process
Tej Patta Bay Leaf Herb
Urad Dal Horse Bean Pulses